Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tool 9

1. Technology is found everywhere everyday and children love technology.   Many times children can do things with technology  with ease however, we as adults it takes a lot of practice before we do it. Therefore, as teachers is very important to ensure that learning is occurring and not just playing with the device.

2.  Being in a three year-old PPCD classroom the students accountability looks different than other older grades do.  We are teaching them how to handle the device correctly and to attend to the lesson on the device.

3.  Two of the links popped out at me, which would be:  Learning Games for Kids and TES iboard. I would
use the links in the work time with the teacher or assistant or I could use them at circle time.  The students would be held accountable for paying attention to the lesson at hand.

4. I enjoy using Injini and ABC tracer with my students. In my classroom we work on paying attention to the lesson and following directions thus I would hold my students accountable for these two objectives.

5. Another way the students could use the i Pads would be as a communication device with students. That is if we are allowed to purchase the following applications: My choice board, Proloque 2 Go, First / then, intellitools.

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