Tuesday, July 10, 2012

using Google chrome - adding a picture and video

To insert picturing using Google chrome

To insert a picture:
1. click on picture (insert image)
2. choose files
3. locate picture where you save it and click
4. open picture
5. click on Add Selected

To insert video using Google chrome
After researching videos that you want to use then do the following
1. hit the movie icon 
2. hit the list from upload (example - youtube)
3. type in the name
4. found it from the list
5. select it and hit select and video will pop in

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tool 2

I went to several of the blogs listed on Tool 2 page.  After looking at several blogs I was felt the need to find a blog dealing with special education, I went to Google and search I found several.  

I came across one blog that caught my attention: Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs 
I plan on going back to this blog because it has several boardmaker boards and activites that would be useful to me, a teacher that uses boardmaker.

Tool 11

1. My favorite tools are learning about the different ways to use i Pads and about Skype. I use the i Pads weekly to motive the students to expand on their objectives. However, I am planning on using both of these items when doing the butterfly unit with Terri.

2.  I broaden my thinking on using technology in the classroom with 11 Tools. I am not afraid to use technology in the classroom anymore and I learned I need to increase the usage of  it in my classroom. In order to increase the usage in my classroom, I will use the i Pads as reinforcers; they can be used not only in one on one time but in small and large group activities.  We can also use it as a communication device if we have the program to do so. However, we do get many apps for free but the apps that could be beneficial to my PPCD classroom cost money thus, it hinders our students.

3. I was afraid of the 11 Tools; it surprised me how easy it was to be accomplished. I also found  how simple it was to be able to interact with other teachers by using Google docs and Skype.

Tool 10

1.  It is hard to teach three year old about digital citizenship.  I would like to teach them to take care of the equipment, do not give out their personal information, and to stay on assign task.

2.  From the resources I think I would use Brain Pop.  It has a animation video that could be use to teach digital citizenship.  Also, I believe the best way my students learn is by modeling and practicing the skill over and over.

3. As I stated above, I would have to model and practice with my students.

4. At the beginning of the year conference, I can discuss digital citizenship with my parents by giving them the  handout explaining what digital citizenship is and provide them resource sites on the web that  they can go to at home.

Tool 9

1. Technology is found everywhere everyday and children love technology.   Many times children can do things with technology  with ease however, we as adults it takes a lot of practice before we do it. Therefore, as teachers is very important to ensure that learning is occurring and not just playing with the device.

2.  Being in a three year-old PPCD classroom the students accountability looks different than other older grades do.  We are teaching them how to handle the device correctly and to attend to the lesson on the device.

3.  Two of the links popped out at me, which would be:  Learning Games for Kids and TES iboard. I would
use the links in the work time with the teacher or assistant or I could use them at circle time.  The students would be held accountable for paying attention to the lesson at hand.

4. I enjoy using Injini and ABC tracer with my students. In my classroom we work on paying attention to the lesson and following directions thus I would hold my students accountable for these two objectives.

5. Another way the students could use the i Pads would be as a communication device with students. That is if we are allowed to purchase the following applications: My choice board, Proloque 2 Go, First / then, intellitools.

Tool 8

In January Special Ed gave us two iPads for our classroom, at that time we received training.  At the time, the trainers walked us through how to use a iPad such as: downloading apps, setting up a iTunes account.
The other items listed in Tool 8 we are not receiving, instead we are receiving a Touch Screen Monitor.  I hope we will get trained on how to best use this device with the students.

Tool 6

Our PPCD Team formed a group using Google doc, where we will be able to share documents. We plan on sharing different schedules( example gross motor times, and music times) and other forms as needed in order to save our precious time.

This is a example of the documents we are sharing using Google doc:

Before installing Skype on my computer, Terri and I talked about how we could use this in our classroom.  One of the way we could utilize Skype would be when our students move on to another school. We would be able to talk with the other teacher/ student to help with the transition of moving to a new school, if problems occur.