Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tool 11

1. My favorite tools are learning about the different ways to use i Pads and about Skype. I use the i Pads weekly to motive the students to expand on their objectives. However, I am planning on using both of these items when doing the butterfly unit with Terri.

2.  I broaden my thinking on using technology in the classroom with 11 Tools. I am not afraid to use technology in the classroom anymore and I learned I need to increase the usage of  it in my classroom. In order to increase the usage in my classroom, I will use the i Pads as reinforcers; they can be used not only in one on one time but in small and large group activities.  We can also use it as a communication device if we have the program to do so. However, we do get many apps for free but the apps that could be beneficial to my PPCD classroom cost money thus, it hinders our students.

3. I was afraid of the 11 Tools; it surprised me how easy it was to be accomplished. I also found  how simple it was to be able to interact with other teachers by using Google docs and Skype.


  1. Great job. If you took the test then you are all done. Well done.

  2. Congrats on completing your 11 tools blog. I am so glad you are so excited to use the devices in your classroom. Enjoy!