Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool 7

Terri and I met up to design a collaborative project about the butterfly life cycle, which we use in our spring unit in our classroom.

Content objective: To observe the butterfly life cycle using different means of media

Implement: In the spring we will begin our butterfly unit.  After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, viewing the animated story on YouTube and looking at the Discovery Education website.  The students will be able to sequence the life cycle by using pictures or 3D representational objects.

Tools:  I pad, Skype, Google Docs, You tube, Discovery Education

Description: The teacher will introduce the life cycle of the butterflies using videos, and pictures. We will have ordered Painted Lady butterflies to observe in our classroom also.  As the caterpillars grows and changes we will share our observation through Skype with Terri's class.Doing so can compare their sizes and show the other classroom when our caterpillars begin to spin into a chrysalis and then changing to butterflies.  We can also Skype with Terri's classroom to show them when we release the butterflies.


  1. I think working with you and your classroom using SKYPE for our butterfly unit will be great for me as well as my students.

  2. Great work. I hope that you all enjoy that together.