Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool 3 - Pictures and videos

Homegrown refers to items that I created therefore no need to get permission.
Creative Commons is media that is licensed that allows you to share and use it as long as you comply with their terms.

Fair Use – is copyright.  You can use it in your classroom but you cannot copy, post it on the web or show it outside of the classroom.
You need to follow their terms in order to stay within the law for anything that is copyright.
When you need to get something from the screen you can copy the screen by following items.
1. push the button called prnt scrn
2. then go to start button to programs
3. then go to accessories
4. then go to paint
5. then to edit
6. then select paste  or  push ctrl (control) v at the same time
7. then move the picture so you can see the item that you want
8. then go to the select tool box
9. then drag the box to cover the item you wish to copy by starting at the top left and drag to the bottom right of picture
10. then to copy by pushing ctrl (control) c
11. then go to file
12. then go to new when it ask you if you want to save - say no
13. next push control v
14. some times the picture is small and you need to click on the box to get the black handle
move the handles so no white area is showing
14. go to file
15. go to save
16. you want to save it to desktop
17. name it and make it a JPEG

to insert the picture make sure you are where you would like the picture to be

1. go to the picture icon
2. click browse
3. find picture
4. click on picture
5. click open
6. your picture will pop into screen on the blog
7. select the picture that you want
8. click add select

to embed a video from youtube
1. go to youtube
2. search for the item you want
3. check to see if it will allow you to share
4. click on embed
5. click ctrl c
6. next go to the blog
7. hit the html button
8. go to the bottom of the file hit a enter and create a new line9. paste by hitting ctrl v
10. hit return button
11. hit the compose button

12. you should be able to see now on the blog

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  1. Great. I hope having the directions written down will help you be able to go back and remember later on.